06 October 2012

ENGLISH - விங்கிலிஷ்!

English vinglish is an emotional and one perfect family entertainer. Gauri shinde who dons the direction of the film has done a great job. The way she portray the feelings of every Indian house wife was such a beautifully written poetry.

Every frame and dialogue of the movie was superb. Eng-ving talks about everyday problem of angrezi less men and women. Who were treated ruthlessly in our once Englishmen ruled angreziwalonki society.

The story of the film revolves around shashi who is a small time entrepre…pru.. what is it.. leave it. She is a a super cook, loving mom, And her lack of English linguistic skills, makes her shame in front of her 12year old daughter and husband all the time.

Sashi just wants some hizzath or mariyadhai from her family. That’s it. she gets it in style! With some well written comedy, emotional, sentiment, romantic screenplay and our own sridevi’s acting!

She is such a fantabulous actress. We miss her almost fifteen twenty years or more. And she is back. And this is not just coming back from a long gap and doing an amma role for hrithik roshan or ranbir. This is different.

Yes she is old. Nearly hitting half a century. Wrinkles in her face. And much blah blah.. from movie making to acting everything changed significantly in these years. Not her acting. Not her charisma. She is not just a back bone of the movie. She is English-vinglish. And she is the winner all the way!

It is not just English this film talks about. It may be money or knowledge or efficiency or ability. Whenever someone you love hit your weakness and make fun out of it. That hurts a lot. Like padayappa says take every stopping stone or hurting stone make it your stepping stone! That is what English vinglish teaches you.. :-))).

I never wanted to write in English. I never had that courage to do that. But this films gives you the courage to do what you fear. Why not.. my English may be poor. Not my courage. All my life this is my first article or review or anything in English. Someday I will write better than this piece of writing. This film gives me immense energy to do what I panic, fright, terror, scare, dread blah blah…!

ஸ்ஸ்ப்பா.. முடியல..!

What my final verdict about this film is..

மிக சிறந்தபடம். உங்களுடைய வீட்டிலிருக்கிற ஆயா, அம்மா, தங்கை, மனைவி என அனைவரையும் அழைத்துச்சென்று பாருங்கள். ஒரு உன்னதமான அனுபவத்தினை நிச்சயமாக இப்படம் உங்களுக்கு கொடுக்கும்.